Restaurant & Hotel Supplies

We offer dependable OEM or ODM services according to buyer’s  specific design drawings or samples.
Restaurant and hotel equipment supplies such as fry baskets, taco holders, wire baskets, shelves, plate, tray and tableware etc..  Morigen group specializes in sophisticated bending, stamping, welding, forging and environment-friendly finishing.
stainless steel basket, bread basket, fruit basket, metal basket
Wire Basket                            Bread Basket 
Stainless basket for bread and egg
stainless steel basket, mesh basket, metal basket, wire basket
Fry Basket                           Candy Basket
stainless steel taco holder, metal taco holder
Double Taco Holder               Triple Taco Holder 
metal holder, holder
     Small Taco Holder                  11/12 Taco Holder    
Food plate, paper tray, stainless steel tray, bread basket
     Small Tray                              Large Tray