Handmade Mini Foldable Metal Bike Model

Our handmade mini foldable metal model bike is constructed with a variety of precision metals and rubber. Features are:
a) Our model bike is ideally reduced to 1/5.5 of a real bike. Delicate craftsmanship and sophisticated production process create rarity that is collectable and used as a premium gift for bike dealers or retailers.
b) All model bikes are made of precious metals with gold and silver plating. Its well-built body and fine surface treatment create luxurious feel.
c) Components of folding parts, transmission system, peddle and brake are as real as a genuine bike. All functions can be manually operated that generates a lot of fun.
Custom-made are welcome. Price shall be determined depending on your final design drawing.
All our model bikes are welded, stamped, molded and assembled by hand in our own work shop in Taiwan with top quality assurance.
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Foldable metal model bike
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Handmade model bike