Oncoming Headlight Filter Visor

Sunclip® SC1365-N Automotive Oncoming Headlight Filter Visor is constructed with an optical safe PC screen and a set of ABS rotary clamps.

Features of this unique Sunclip® (patented in Taiwan & U.S.A.) are:

  • The panoramic tinted transparent screen is made of optical safe polycarbonate (as opposed to fragile acrylic), shatter-proof, able to effectively filter irritating and dangerous oncoming headlight / high beam, and meantime provide driver with unobstructed frontal views which greatly promotes driver's comfort and safety driving in nighttime.
  • The user (driver and/or front seat passenger) can vertically flip or horizontally swivel the visor to adjust ideal angle against oncoming headlight as well as to prevent the user's own image from projecting to the filter visor.
  • The spring-clamp set is made of high-impact-resistant ABS resin. Patented devices allow users to clip the entire unit onto the automobile's original visors easily. Equally easy is the detachment.
  • The front seat passenger can enjoy same benefits by clipping the same on the original visor above front passenger seat.